His story

Yann was born in 1988 of amateurs musicians parents. He has been involved in music since childhood and quickly develops a taste for rock and metal music as a teenager.

Just after celebrated his 18th birthday he tries himself on the guitar and it’s a revelation for him who will not let go of the instrument.

He trains then several hours a day and once his BTS application developer in hand he goes study at CIAM (Music School in Bordeaux) for 3 years.

He graduated with a mention of the title MIMA and gradually became professional by launching his guitar lessons micro-company in 2012.


He participates in numerous professionals musical projects on stage and in the studio. (Ionys, Gaïa L’opéra Rock etc)

As the years passed he developed his teaching experience by integrating a music school in Bordeaux to provide music theory lessons.

He is also passionate about the image and video that he cultivates through his two YouTube channels “Feelyoumusic” and “Cover in French”.

Wishing to learn new knowledge and improve his art he spends most of his free time sharpening and developing his skills in many areas like French text arrangements, writing and interpretation of musical arrangements, recordings of various instruments, vocal works, video editing, color grading, post-production…



Guitar (electric, classical, folk)


bass, 7/12 strings guitar, Irish bouzouki, percussions (Cajón, Djembé, Bodhrán)


photography, video, video games, computers


The Lord of the Rings, Game of thrones, Kaamelott, Star Wars, Abyss, Contact

Nightwish, Amorphis, Dream Theater, Poets of the Fall, Ron “Bumblefoot” Tal, Guthrie Govan, Kitchen Freak, Linkin Park


Gaia l’Opera Rock (Musical Comedy), Ionys (Melodic Metal), The Natshow Orchestra (evening entertainment/variety)